Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tents on slopes, broken showers, and a lot of girls

I think I gave the wrong impression when I moved into this ward of being adventures and even slightly outdoorsy.  Maybe it's Mike's fault because he does happen to be outdoorsy.  I'm really not sure what part of me didn't convey to the world how much I love showers and sleep but it didn't come across because they called me to go to girls camp.  I teach a lot of these girls at high school and I get to be with the Mia Maids in church so I have grown to really love these girls; nevertheless, camp was not top of my list.  That said, it really was a delightful week.  Not an all out blast, but nice.  The girls were charming and pleasant, but showers did break and sleeping bags did slide.   

Several of the camp directors from other wards were people I knew from the singles ward, before we all got married.  It was nice catching up and just chatting with great people at the same stage of life. 


Monday, July 28, 2008

Sliced from Service and Sore from Summiting

Our ward service project involved pulling ivy and berry bushes with thorns out of a yard.  It was a painful experience for our legs.  We both had slices all down our legs (and Mike's arms), but somehow it still always feels good to serve. 

We hiked Dog Mountain last Saturday and, while the trail was painfully steep, the end view and feeling of accomplishment were fabulous.   

Monday, July 21, 2008

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Short and delightful

Mike and I got to celebrate the 4th in Utah, splitting the time between my family and his best friends.  In three short days we rode 4-wheelers, watched fireworks, sat on the beach, waterskied, watched movies, planned our backpacking trip, ate great food, and best of all we got to be there when Will and Kristin blessed their new baby. 
Picnicing with Britt on campus at USU.
Mike, Britt, and Meg

Mike, Tyce, and Kadence
Hanging out at the lake

This is why I love the drive to Utah - magazines and books for hours (and talking to my fascinating husband)