Sunday, May 26, 2013

They Just Keep Growing (9 months + 3 years 4 months)

One of those rare moments when both little ones were wearing all their articles of clothing just had to be documented (in part because Lucy can't unbutton her dress and lets just not dwell on the issue of shoes). They look pretty cute in clothes if I do say so myself.  I should probably try a tad harder to keep them in this clad state, but one of them is always missing a pair of pants (escapee from a diaper change or pants turned super hero cape) or shirt (splashed by an overzealous hand washing or dirtied while saving the baby from mango eating dinosaurs) or they have crazy hair (victims of fort building or under cushion rescue attempts). I definitely did not picture the war with clothing when I envisioned my role as a mom.  But maybe its a war worth losing if its at least in the name of superhero work.    

Sunday, May 5, 2013

April Highlights {via iPhone}

The month included:
*dinners that featured ice cream as the main dish (it was just that kind of month)
*Lucy's monumental fit/fear over getting her chin snapped in the helmet buckle + overcoming said fear + a lot of bike rides
*lots of snow and lots of sun
*we bought a really cute house (move in date is the end of May)
*Lucy started and loves preschool
*Reid is going on his 9th tooth
*Lucy learned a new do fireflies start a race? (you will have to ask Lucy the punch line)
*Reid finally learned how to sit back down after pulling himself up
*potty training 6.0 did not take 
*Mike got a new job within Kaiser working closer to operations