Saturday, November 22, 2008

one year 

We have been married for one year and one day.  It has been delightful.  I can't imagine how I got so lucky to find someone so perfectly suited to me.  I feel lucky beyond description.   He is such a good man.  

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I love scarves

The air officially holds the traces of my breath in its grips now.  I let out an involuntary sad sigh this morning when I opened the door and saw my breath.  I need to fall in like with the cold again.  So here is my love list for the cold: 
1. scarves
2. hot chocolate
3. the delicious feeling you get when the air in the car finally turns to warm   
4. how wearing sweaters looks so cute in pictures
5.  pulling the covers up tight at night
6. modest students at school
7. the festive feeling of holidays
8. cuddling with more intensity

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Seven Random Things About Us and Several Blogs I love:
1. We have random competitions with the single prize of Mike not being able to wear his Hawaiian shirts if I win and him being allowed to if he wins.  
2.  We have been married for one year this week and are feeling kind of sad we didn't save our wedding cake, per the tradition, because it was a delicious pumpkin with pumpkin cream cheese creation.  
3.  We trade yoga class for superhero movies - if Mike goes to yoga with me I will go to some action movie with him. 
4. We crave sushi a lot. 
5.  We go running together at least three times a week and are hoping to run our first marathon this next summer.
6. Mike read the books I teach at high school to impress me while we were dating. 
7. We own the cutest "not a plastic bag" bags for grocery shopping but never use them and feel guilty for so doing every single time we buy something. 

A few blogs to visit: 
Christina:  She is a friend from college and her personal blog is a collection of wonderful things and thoughts.
Brittany:  An aspiring lawyer and philosopher who also happens to be my sister.
Jenn:  Fabulous mom and photographer  

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Simple Saturdays

I love simple Saturdays.  We sleep in, we go to the gym, we walk to the grocery store, we read, one of us watches football even those this person said before we got married that he/she didn't watch sports on t.v. and the other puts in earphones and does nothing in a way that feels productive, we make dinner together, and we watch a movie.  

This guy loves when BYU wins or when any other team that might influence BYU's ranking loses. 

Playing on the computer, reading, not grading papers, magazines - a girl could get used to a lazy life like this. 

Mike keeps razzing me about taking so many pictures of leaves but I keep saying that I guess we need kids so I have a new subject.  Somehow we have concluded that that probably isn't sufficiently logical to actually produce children for the sake of photography subjects.  

Tuesday, November 4, 2008