Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Costume Spoiler

I kid you not, Lucy went from crawling to running yesterday. It kind of makes sense. She is an active one, this girl, but it was so surprising I couldn't stop laughing. We were at the play gym and she was holding on to the back of a child's chair when it started sliding and she started running to keep her feet under her. It was so funny.

A dear friend mentioned, like only a good friend can, that this is not unlike Lucy's mother who is known for having to run to keep her own feet under herself. Most notably in the Cougareat in front of at least 100 spectators.

Lucy and I tried to reenact it today at the gym but we weren't terribly successful. Here are our attempts.

Leather and Lace * Motorcycles and Petals

That is my Lucy. A little bit tough and little bit tender. Part growls and part giggles.

Monday, October 25, 2010


I was a tad timid about welcoming my 29th year. I have even been swallowing every bite of october pumpkin, my favorite, with a little bit of dread knowing fall foods mean fall aging. It is not so much getting older as it is watching a year pass and feeling like I had some goals left unaccomplished this past year. But the day came and it couldn't have been more lovely and rejuvenating. My dear Mike spent an entire day reminding me of how dreamy my life really is.
My first present was a new camera lens and this is the first shot I took. Lucy loved all the birthday boxes and wrappings.
For the birthday eve, Mike and Katie planned a lovely surprise dinner with dear friends...
And their cute babies!
On birthday morning Mike and I went to a seminar by family therapists on raising confident kids using play. Then we got to come and practice with our favorite girl ever. We introduced the joys of carmel apples and big pumpkins.

Nate (Mike's brother) and Kelly joined us on our apple/pumpkin outing. Aren't they a lovely pair. Lucy adores them both!

Then we went to The London Grill for dinner in the historic Benson Hotel. Dinner was delicious, especially the Banana Foster, but the best part was our surprise stay in the hotel for a night. Mike had packed our bags and Nate and Kelly were secretly waiting at our house to stay with Lucy.
A perfect birthday.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our House

We feel so grown up this week. We started the process to buy a house, a lovely house in short sale. We have been waiting for a while to hear, and it appears that all is in order. If everything continues to go well we should be moving in the first week of November.

Living Room (Lots of light with big windows. You can just see the bottom of a window up above the couch.)
Dinning Room
Family Room
Backyard (Small, but has good potential. The yard is going to take more work than the rest of the house. There are 3 overgrown Cedars, one of which is about to break through the back fence... This picture was taken standing next to our hot tub which we don't know if works or not.)
Lucy's Room (All 4 bedrooms are upstairs so we set Lucy on the ground and let her crawl to "her" bedroom. This is the one she chose. It may have helped that Katie was there to welcome her...)
And my least favorite part that also kind of makes me smile, the "goodnight moon" backsplash in the upstairs second bathroom.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Not a Boy

It is true that I took Lucy out in green. And grey. And that her bow fell out. Darn karo syrup. And that the patch of karo syrup looked a little like gelled hair. But comments on my "cute little guy" all day were not favorite. So, next time Katie and I spontaneously decide we need to satisfy cider cravings there will be no spontaneity about it. We will march right back home and get dolled up in ribbons and bows.

P.S. The photo of Lucy and the horses is her new and ever so adored scrunched face that says, "I am so excited I can barely stand it."

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Stuff of TV Commercials

We knew this was coming; we had seen plenty of unraveled rolls of toilet paper in the movies and on tv, but nothing is quite as cute and slightly frustrating as reality.

But how could could this girl ever get in trouble?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tutu Tot

The lovely Abra helped Lucy and me make a little tutu to spice up Tuesday errands. Nothing makes the grocery store more exciting than toting a tutu clad little one. I think it turned out so cute.

That's right, Lucy loves my kisses!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Can you see the sweet or the sass?

I am indeed very partial, but I think Lucy has the cutest personality ever. She is so sweet but she sure has some sass too. These pictures turned out kind of blurry but I adore the faces she is making.