Monday, July 29, 2013

What the kids are up to...

takes 5 steps at a time
says dada and doggie
waves at everyone at church
wakes up early in the morning
likes the water and outdoors
won't let you change diaper and get pants on without being absolutely pinned down
is almost one year

loves swimming and museums
is expert at riding her bike (with training wheels)
wants to grow out her hair because of Tangled panties
is increasingly thoughtful of other's emotions
loves to hear stories about herself
starting holding hands with the little friends she makes almost daily
is 3 1/2

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Corner Turned

Things are feeling much lighter around here these days.  Lucy is finally potty trained.  What a long and stressful journey, but how good it feels to be done.  And Reid is emerging from the 'everything goes in the mouth' stage.  Motherhood feels a bit more lovely these days! 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Backyard

The backyard has been our favorite go to location this summer.  Lots of running through sprinklers and digging in the garden and spilling bubbles. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Playing together

Oh, it always starts off so cute... 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Taking it easy

It is sometimes hard to take pictures of the day to day activities.  Sometimes because I am involved in them and can't step back to snap or sometimes because they just look so ordinary to me.  But when I saw Lucy curled up on the couch eating, instead of marching her back to the kitchen to eat I realized she was curled up in the same corner I always pick to eat my own lunch.  That is the corner of the couch that I occupy to watch over the kids most playtimes and something about how she was sitting and copying me reminded me that these are the sacred little things.  Not magically brilliant photography here but so much of the important little things in them that I will probably forget one day even though they are so consuming now. 

Reid in no pants * being unable to put bowls far enough so Reid can't get to them * baskets of toys neglected for a ball and wii remote * Lucy's gorgeous but always slightly unkempt hair and how I really try but it is such a battle to brush it * eating Cafe Yumm for lunch most days * how Reid gets so excited he spreads his fingers and shakes involuntarily * how much the kids love playing with each other * how quickly the fun turns to chaos turns to crying * how messy newly independent eaters faces get and how often * Reid learning to walk * Reid curls and how I can't bring myself to cut them * how  my kids play resembles puppies 

Friday, July 19, 2013



I'm determined to record myself for a day and then just push repeat each morning to save me some energy.  This is what my once varied vernacular sounds like these days...
"Give your brother some space."
"Put your (insert article of clothing) back on."
"If you don't want him to mess with your stuff, play in your room."
"As soon as you can ask in a kind voice..."
"Reid, you are going to fall..."
I think I have said these phrases no less that 10 times each a day.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June Highlights {Via iPhone}

* We moved to our new house on the east side of Denver, right on the edge of plains.  We bought this time and are loving our home!  
* Katie and mom came to visit and help with the move and unpacking. So much fun. And helpful.
* Reid learned to stand and clap and shake his head to the word "no". He took one step.  He needs a haircut but I can't bring myself to accomplish that task.  His favorite toy is the wii remote. 
* We have been shaking up Lucy's whole world with nap reorganization and potty training 6.0.  If she naps, she stays up until past 10:00 (our bedtime) and if she doesn't nap she is crabby.  It's been tough but she gets scheduled down time and an early bed time and things are working out okay. Potty training not as smooth of a transition.  We are on week 3.  Not fun, but there are slivers of light in this very dark tunnel. I long for the day when I don't have to say the word "poop" once in a day. 
* Lots of swimming, parks, and splash pads.  Our new area is filled with lovely people and we have been lucky to be included so quickly. 
* Father's day and Mikes birthday (31!!).  For his birthday last year I gave him a cookbook and 10 bookmarks for recipes I would cook during the year.  Well, a week before his birthday and I still had 8 to go!  So in one week I cooked lobster tails and Indian tangine fish and peach pork and 4 other meals. I still have one to go. 
* Paul and Janet came to see our new house and we put them to work installing new toilets and sprinklers!  One of these days we will let them come and visit and just relax.