Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Mornings

I really enjoy the school year and the opportunity to teach one class in the mornings, but I will miss our lazy summer mornings. Lucy is always in such a cute mood when she wakes up and once we get past the flood of "daddys?" we get to just sit and chat for a while. It is too hot for sleepers and I am loving the long t-shirt as pajamas look.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I love the fact that Lucy and Mike have a really great connection but it is non-stop "daddy" around here. I get her out of bed in the morning and it is "daddy?" I open a door and it is "daddy?" I pick her up and it is "daddy?" She probably requests her dad around 50 times a day. I love her daddy too but what happened to all the mommy-ness that was so last month?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Meeting Tenzin

On our way to Panguitch we were lucky enough to have brunch with some of Lucy's favorite people. Lucy was tickled to see Nate and Kelly (we miss you here) and of course Grandma Wecker, whom she can never get enough of. She also got to meet baby Tenzin, her very first cousin, and picked up right where she left off with Pete - getting in trouble (think a whole chocolate pie at Christmas and swinging around in a baby carrier this time). It was a lovely brunch.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The other day I was on the phone with Megan and she mentioned that she was calling from Panguitch, where my grandma lives. I felt immediate pangs of jealousy. Then when my grandma called and mentioned seeing Lucy on the blog I thought I could do better than just posting pictures of Lucy, I would bring the actual girl to my grandma. Which was really just an excuse for me to spend some needed time with her myself. So, I booked a ticket and was on the plane in a matter of days. Then, when I mentioned my trip to the sisters, they all cleared up their schedules and met us there as well. It was a perfect weekend.
Lucy loved spending time on the swing with grandma. Grandma couldn't escape having Lucy by her side/shins most of the weekend.
My dear sister bought Lucy a pop-up bug book to either address her fear of worms for the purpose of overcoming it or, more likely, to torment her. It worked. Lucy was horrified and scared with every turn of the page.
Meeting her newest cousin

Testing the peanut butter fudge used to be my job.

Lucy loved both fudge making and fudge tasting.

The next photos look posed but it really is like this, they fight over who gets to hang out with Lucy. Except when the diaper stinks!

Riding in the pickup.
My mom wore this dress when she was a kid and when we found it in the doll box we just had to try it on and Lucy did't want to take it off.

She adopted the neighbor's dog and couldn't get enough.

Megan teaching Lucy how to truly relax.
Lucy's first My Little Pony to help on the ride home. She was into it for about 90 seconds before she was on to the next activity.

Friday, July 8, 2011


Mike and I had widely differing ideas about what finger-painting looks like. I put the paint on the paper and showed Lucy how to drag one finger through it to paint a cute little tree. Mike, on the other hand, squirted a handful into Lucy's hand and encouraged wild creativity! While messier, his method was a lot more fun...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lucy's New Look

I was talking to my grandma a couple of days ago and she said, "I'm glad you had fun in Hawaii, but where are the pictures of Lucy?" :) So here is Lucy with the newest piece of her ever growing repertoire of funny faces.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


I'm not sure a post without mention of Lucy will even upload so I better start by giving a nod to our cute babe and all the wonderful people who made it possible to create a post that doesn't contain Lucy! Lucy was in such brilliant hands that Mike and I were able to enjoy our week without a single worry, not to mention the fact that she got some quality play-dates. Hawaii kind of speaks for itself so I won't narrate each picture, but it should be said that we had a lovely time both exploring and relaxing. We are so grateful to Mike's parents for such a thoughtful tribute to Mike's hard word finishing his MBA while both working and starting a family. He did a brilliant job of it and this was a perfect way to celebrate. Thank you!