Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sweet Reid

What it is like to drive Lucy around

Lucy Names Her Calico Critters

Lucy gives the most creative names to things.  And she has started to have more and more things to name - specifically 50 babies of hers who live in Africa and she insists we visit soon.

Lucy and Eliza @ Cannon Beach

I frequently think of how lovely it was to be at the beach.  There is something so soul satisfying about the coast.  I'm just sure Lucy felt it too.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I think these shots pretty much sum up moving.  Unpack one room while two kids destroy (aka play with) another. Two step forward and two steps backward - that is what it feels like!

May Highlights {via iPhone}

*Dad came to visit and outlasted both kids with his ability to play
* We took a lot of day adventures because we had to be out of our rental house while the owners tried to sell it (tiny town, downtown, cheyenne mountain zoo)
* Lucy and I took a trip to Oregon while grandma Wecker hung out with Reid here.  We got to meet Cory (Katie's squeeze) and we really like him.  We also got to meet Lewis, Eliza's little brother. We like him too! ;)  Lucy and Eliza picked up their friendship with no reservations.  And I used every moment I could to soak up all the loveliness that is Amber.  We met Katie at the coast for a night and, despite getting sick, enjoyed the calm pace of oceanside living.  Poor Katie got the caregiving role while I was with her, but she is great for that - endlessly compassionate and kind (even if my throwing up did evoke  unsettling reactions from her).
* We all got sick at some point this month.  Violently sick. Reid slid by with only a runny nose. 
* Lucy finished her dance combo class (tap and ballet).  The dance part wasn't hugely successful but she had a lot of fun and got a few lessons on listening to a teacher. 
*We packed up our house and starting the moving in process. Mom graciously came to help and was indispensable.