Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Latest on Lucy

* She now prefers sleeping in her dress-up box in the closet to her bed
* She likes to know how we are going to get where we are going.  She wants to know all the turns we will make before our destination.
* She pretend sells her play food in pounds instead of dollars (British kids shows are our favorite)
* She says things like, "It's a lovely day for ___________" (usually swinging)
* She calls her boots 'boobs' and it never stops being funny
* She always asks Mike how work was or how our class was after we pick her up for nursery
* She likes to renegotiate the order in which we do things during the day and in a similar vein she frequently gives me an itemized account of what she would like to do and in what order (the curse of having a perhaps overly structured mom)
* If she doesn't get options for something she will frequently ask "what are my other options"
* If she doesn't like an answer she will ask, "well, maybe?" i.e "Is grandma Wecker coming tomorrow?" "No. Not tomorrow." "Well, maybe?" "No."  "Maybe!"  Always the optimist.
* She is always on the move.
* If someone drops or spills something she always says, "That's okay" to them - even strangers in restaurants.
* When you do something, anything, successfully, she will say "hurray, you did it" or "good job ________".
* When she gets in trouble she will heart-breakingly declare, "But I'm nice."

Saturday, July 28, 2012

July 28 {Due Date}

My due date is slowly slipping by with no signs of a baby.  But thanks to all the dear people around me, we aren't just sitting around waiting.  We had a lovely afternoon at the pool and are now ready to watch some Olympics.  

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nursery Glimpse

 The blue chalkboard above the changing table says: ""I think, at a child's birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift should be curiosity. Eleanor Roosevelt"
Mike's quirky hippopotamus find that changed our theme from nautical to aquatic.

 Lucy likes to take care of her own babies in the nursery.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What Being a Kid Looks Like {First Time in Sprinklers}

We didn't need sprinklers in Oregon so this is a new experience for Lucy.  She seemed to embrace it but the weather shift for Lucy has been oddly obvious to her.  She still requests her raincoat come with her in the car like it did in Portland even though it has only rained once or twice here this month.  And every single morning when we leave the house she comments on how bright the sun is, wishing it would go behind a cloud or begging for something to block her eyes.

Okay, baby

Now that grandma is here, you are officially invited to come join us! 

Friday, July 20, 2012

I love this picture

I can't believe my family is about to go from these two to three.  I love these two.  And I can't wait to meet our third.

"Lazy Days" don't really feel very lazy anymore

I declared yesterday a "lazy day" and assured Mike we would still be in our pjs when he got home from work.  I don't think he believed me because he seemed surprised when he got home! In the end it turns out that staying home all day is actually a lot more draining than going to do something and burn a little toddler energy. But one of my goals of the day was to capture how cute and capable Lucy is with language.  She says so many interesting and confidently articulated things that I don't ever want to forget them.  However, it turns out that Lucy and I must not talk much during the day together because I couldn't get more than a few words out of her for the video.   But you can see a bit of her personality and I don't want to forget that either.  I will try again later with the language.  But no more "lazy days" around here until the baby gets arrives.  They are too much work.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In the case

In the case that I had some grandmas worried about the state of their grandchild, I should note that we aren't always on survival mode and life is actually pretty fun for Lu and I these days.  The countdown is on for baby #2 (11 days) and I am really trying to soak up all the delightfulness there is surrounding spending my days soley with the most curious, interested, passionate toddler around.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Shouldn't Be Surprised

I was talking with my sister Katie over Skype and in the course of our conversation, intermixed with her tales of pencil skirts and cute dates,  these are the glamourous things that I revealed about my awesome mothering: Lucy's first diaper change of the day was at 1:00 PM (leaving it unsaid that she was still in her pajamas at the time) * Previous to our call I had strongly encouraged Lu to watch t.v. so I could watch The Bachelorette online * I gave Lucy Tic Tacs for lunch (a whole container) * I did give her cereal for breakfast (but it came out of a baggie from the bottom of my purse) * I had plans to count our afternoon swim at the pool as a bath * I use family on the phone to sing Lucy her nap time song because I need a break from primary songs

So, I really shouldn't have been surprised when my other sister, Megan, showed up at my door the next day.  Word spreads fast in this family and it must have been pretty clear that I needed a little hand up in this whole motherhood (pregnancy, settling, adjusting) thing.  And Megan did an amazing job.  Despite having her own adorable little one, she cleaned my house and hung pictures and played with Lucy and entertained me.  It was a sad moment dropping her off at the airport but I am thankful for the perfect reprieve.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Our 4th: Mt. Evans

We thought about staying up for the fireworks.  But a pregnant woman does not do well sitting on the ground for hours.  And we thought about joining a neighborhood parade.  But a pregnant woman does not do well walking around in the heat.  We thought about spending or day cooking up classic summer food.  But a toddler doesn't do well confined to a kitchen.  So finally we scratched the classic festivities and we headed up into the mountains to cool off and change up the traditions a bit.  I think enjoying a classic american vista is a perfect new tradition for the 4th of July. But as a disclaimer, it turns out incredibly narrow roads that climb to the highest paved point in America aren't so hot for pregnant women either - I am pretty sure my nerves almost sent me into labor.   

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our New Adventure

We are really trying to see the brightest pieces of this move and look at it like an adventure, although in full disclosure it is simply not easy transitioning an eight month pregnant woman and a toddler to a new city. *Insert sympathy sigh for a very patient and supportive Mike.* Every day has bright moments and hard moments.  Bright moments include things like swimming at the neighborhood pool and hard moments include hospital tours when I have to ask questions about kids being welcome because I don't know anyone to leave Lucy with if I go into labor early. 
{Apologies to those already following Lu and I on Instagram - but here is a recap of our transition via the beloved iphone} 
Saying goodbye to dad and Portland (Lu and I flew to Utah to vacation while Mike did all the hard work of moving)

Hanging out with Tanner in Utah

Saying goodbye to Grandma 

Exploring the Denver Aquarium with dear friends from Portland who were in town for a wedding.  This immensely softened the blow of a not knowing anyone. 

Watching Pepa the Pig on the iPad and giving mom a moment to relax in between unpacking boxes.  Frequent occurrence these days.

Playing with dad from the minute he gets home until the minute Lu goes to bed.  Again, sympathy sighs for Mike allowed.  No personal time for this man these days!

We frequently linger on the edge of meltdowns during the day. 

Post swimming naps are the best!  But poor child needs other friends than a pregnant woman - it is getting to her! 

Kelly and Clara visit and go swimming with us! 

Did I mention that meltdowns are very near the surface these days? 

Tasting Sweet Action ice cream.  Yahoo! said it was the best in the country so we decided to cast our vote.