Saturday, September 28, 2013

Plains Conservation Center

Fall Days {Baking Pumpkin Cookies + First Pair of Jeans}

Colorado has one really great thing going for it. Lovely weather. You just can't beat the crisp clear start to fall.  There is still a lot of lovely light but the weather has distinctly shifted this week and we are loving it. Unfortunately Lucy's excitement over making fall cookies faded fast when she smelled the canned pumpkin and declared that she would never ever eat pumpkin because it smelled funny.  Dashed a lot of my personal ideals! But she is anxiously awaiting the other landmarks of fall - leaves changing and quirky gourds! We also pulled out the jeans for Reid - his first pair.  I try to keep him in softer, more sensitive skin forgiving fabrics while he crawls, but now that he is walking I adore how cute his little bowled boy legs look in jeans.  

Friday, September 13, 2013

These days

Lucy (3 1/2): Loves to hug and also push her brother * hates having her hair brushed * loves preschool * can't sleep without a chapter in The Magic Treehouse series * whenever you hold her hand and walk she looks up and asks, "so, how are you?" * hugs you and says "I'll never let you go" * 

Reid: (1 and 1 month): Walks so fast but never looks at the ground = trips a lot * says "hi" "tickle" "dad" and "mom" * loves to be picked up and then promptly wants to be put down * gets angry when his dad leaves in the morning * started spinning around in circles *