Monday, January 14, 2008

The History of Love - our story

Several friends have asked for the story about how Mike and I met but I hesitate because the story can't just start and end with that day. So piece by piece here is our story . . .

First Impressions:

Our singles ward has a temple night every other week and afterward we all get together and have dessert at a member of the bishopric's house. Holding a plate of treats, I noticed a new guy sitting in the middle of a group of girls. I went over and told what I thought was a very funny story involving a dog I bought, it barking, and me asking for a refund (all true). Well, I succeeded in getting this guy's attention but not in the way I thought. As it turns out he thought I had to have been very slow indeed to not have known that dogs bark before I bought one.

Random Encounters:

Mike and I would run in to each other at different church activities and events and each time he would say something cute like, "I was hoping you would be here," and "I wanted to call you but didn't have your number." And yet he never got that number and didn't asked me out. Finally enough encounters built and he had sufficiently peaked my anticipation by having every other girl in the ward swooning that he called and asked me on a real date.

The turning point:

On a weekend trip to a friend's house at the beach, we played our final jealousy cards and then folded our hands. He went on walks on the beach with other girls and I let another guy flirty shamelessly with me until the tension broke and we realized the game was not over but just getting to the good part. That's the weekend he made his first move (although oddly I didn't respond - stage fright) and I knew this guy was such a catch I couldn't let him get away.

"Book Boy":

The first time we talked I told him what book I was teaching in my class (Night) and that night he went out and bought and read it. The next time we talked I told him my favorite book (The History of Love) and he read that too so we could talk about it on our next date. And the next time I told him I would never read science fiction and so the next day he brought me a copy of Ender's Game to see just how much power he was starting to have over me. And thus all my students know Mike as 'book boy' from all the stories of my dating adventures.

Holding hands:

We agree that the first time was during the Rose Festival but we still don't agree if it was over dinner (I say he held my hand but I didn't hold his so it doesn't count) or when the fireworks started over the river (now, isn't that so much more romantic).

The History of Love:

I have always been so drawn to Mike and find myself quite smitten even now.


Natalie said...

Yay! Thanks for the beginning of your story. How can he hold your hand, but you not hold his???

April said...

I can't believe he didn't drop to one knee after hearing your dog barking story! I always loved listening to you tell a story, and this dog one sounds like a classic.

Allison said...

YAY! How fun to be in touch again!! I love your "meeting/hooking up" story - it's always fun to find out how people met and especially what both were thinking at the time :) I read somewhere on your blog that Mike is an Economist - so is my husband (and he's also named Mike!) I think that's a good enough reason for us to get together I have an excuse to come to...Portland?!?...Is that where you are now? Anyways, good to hear from you & I enjoyed your blog :)

Allison said...

Hey, me again :) I showed my husband your blog to see how small the world of Economics is...and guess what? My husband knows your husband - turns out my Mike was your Mike's TA a couple years ago at BYU - he thinks it was in Dr. Pope's class Fall 2005. I guess it is a small world, how fun! :)

Kaydi Rae said...

The dog barking story is one of my favorites! Scott and I will need your address for invites! I can't wait to join you in the "married" world!