Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Photo A Day

I have been fielding questions all week about what a person does when one doesn't have any job to go to, no kids, and an entire summer to do it.   I know some of them want to hear that I am contributing to society in some meaningful way but the truth is that I am simply and yet significantly using the summer to just be.  Even the word rejuvenation sounds too lofty for what I am doing.  I am reading books and sitting by the pool.  I am trying to dote on my husband and even develop a few talents.

One of the talents I want to explore is photography and to hold myself accountable for progression I am taking a picture a day.  I have a fairly simple camera and not a lot of technical skill but I want to start "seeing" more things in day to day life.  

Tuesday: Walk in Cook Park with a teaching friend
Wednesday: Made summer calendar and set all my goals officially down on paper.
Thursday: Decided I should set a new goal about improving culinary creativity. 
Friday: A day of shopping and swimming with Katie. 
Saturday:  Playing Mafia with the youth during a ward camp out. 

Sunday: We both read ferociously today. 

Photos that just didn't make the cut but had to be included: 



Lisa John said...

I simply love your photo a day idea! Looks like you are using your summertime remarkably well. Way to go Jen! I'm jealous you get to be with your sister and I'm jealous she gets to live close to you. I miss you. Love your blog though, so keep posting. :)

Em said...

Enjoy your time to "just be," because once you have babies, it's whole different story! ;) Your pictures are amazing, and I really am impressed by I've been inspired, and want to be a better photographer! :)

Katie Curtis said...

i like the photos, except for that one...
PS I feel sick from pizza and cupcakes! I was going to hike with friends tonight, but looks like I'll be loosening my pants and staying in!

Kate Hawkins said...

Hello! My name is Katherine and I'm Katie's friend. I'm sorry to intrude but I've met all your family and not you! I wish I could meet you--- I think your family is amazing and so wonderful! I heard you're like Katie in some ways, too. I KNOW (before and after reading your blog) that I will like you, too.
I hope we can meet someday! :)
Have a wonderful day!
PS--- you take GREAT pictures! What kind of camera do you have?

April said...

Sounds like a great week to me. It got me thinking what I would do with an entire week of freedom. Making and eating cupcakes would be on there for sure!