Sunday, December 21, 2008


After a two harrowing hours driving through the snow, one annoying pair of chains, three Christmas cds on repeat, fifty texts from Katie's boyfrieds, and one bag of moose much, we made it to Logan. It feels good to be here with family. In our first twenty-four hours we have started a snowman with good intentions and then left dad to finish it, only joining again to add the facial decoration; we have shopped at the mall and then shopped in each other's suitcases; we have simulateously mocked and adored both High School Muscial movies (a special nod goes out to my mom who sleeps through every movie, even at the theater, but finished both of these movies awake and singing and an honorable mention to my dad who loves cheesy movies as much as his four girls); and we have spent hours in transitory conversation telling stories - most of which involved the dating adventures of my cute and single sisters and lots of trips down memory lane.


That Girl in Brazil said...

Wow you guys looks alike. Aren't sisters indispensable?

(I was just in Logan - soooo beautiful!)

Becki said...

I am so glad you made it safely to Utah. We are so excited to find you blog.