Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Things

The weather outside is kind of gloomy so we headed for the great indoors today and drug Katie along with us.  We worked hard in pilates so we could feel good sitting in a movie for a couple of hours, eating out, and splurging at the bakery.  We probably should have spent a few more hours in plank position to justify that much gluttony.  I did embrace the new year by trying new foods - muscles at McCormick and Shmicks and tasting the flour wonders at the much raved about but never previously visited, Beaverton Bakery.  


That Girl in Brazil said...

Ummm ... pretty sure you don't have to practice too much to get better at your Christmas present.

Can you teach me, oh wise one?

Katie Curtis said...

pretty sure you zoomed in on my least attractive body part.