Friday, March 27, 2009

Our New Home

We are very sentimental about the little one bedroom apartment we just left.  So many fabulous memories.  It is where Mike lived before we were married and where we spent our first year of marriage together.  It is where we learned how fun it was living with the person you find the most fascinating in the whole world.  It is also where we learned not to leave toothpaste in the sink or socks on the floor.  It is where we learned how to understand the needs of the other and spent so much effort and care learning to meet those needs.  It is where we learned who will always win at boggle and who will always win at wrestling.  We learned how to need each other and how to need our own strength.  So, every time we point out how nice it is having so much space now we take a moment of silence to appreciate our last apartment.  So a moment of silence . . . and now on to enjoying our new place!  


Britt Curtis said...

It has STAIRS?! Holla! :) I can't wait to come and play more wii with you guys!

April said...

Congrats on the new place! I'm the process of picking out colors to paint our place and it's soo hard! How are you suppose to tell what a tiny square of color will look on a whole wall?

Jason said...

Hey Mike! I haven't seen/talked to you in a long time! Did you guys buy the place, or are you renting? Lori and I want to make a trip up to Oregon around labor day. We should meet up with A & S too. How about it?