Saturday, June 20, 2009


We had a fabulous time in Cancun.  I love vacationing with Mike and relaxing on the beach for a whole week was perfect.
Visiting Mayan ruins at Tulum
Tulum was probably my favorite - history and natural beauty collide

Hanging out in Playa del Carmen
We ate a lot of delicious Mexican food! 
Then, after days in the sun, we got to come back to a beautiful hotel room...
With our own private soaking pool on the deck. 
Some days were spent simply reading and we moved only when we needed to find a new spot at a new pool - the complex had at least 8 pools...
With beds! 
And alas, our faces are peeling and we are soaking in aloe vera, but we had such a great vacation. 


Sara Lee said...

Hey girl glad you found my blog. Looks like Cancun was fun.

Sara Lee said...

Hey I was being nosy on your friends blogs to see if I knew anyone else. Is that Tiffany's blog( the Zwygarts). She is so pretty and her kids are adorable. DO you have anyone else's from back then?

Lisa John said...

Looks like you had so much fun! What an awesome resort with all of the pools, beds and lounging areas. Looks perfect.

I went to those ruins on my cruise over Christmas. It was fun to see you there. Aren't they amazing!

Love you.