Sunday, February 21, 2010

What Lucy Has Been Up To

Playing with her dad (and quite successfully imitating his face)
Going for a lot of walks
Growing too long for newborn sleepers
Complaining about her baby acne
Adoring being carried everywhere
Basking in her aunts doting presence
Practicing her smile
Seeking the sunlight (our stairs are the sunniest place in our house, and her favorite spot)


Katie Curtis said...

love love love this post! your daughter is so amazing and adorable! i hate my days when i don't get to see her!

Sarah Johnson said...

Jen, you family is super cute and congrats on little lucy!

so i have a random question i hope you can help me answer. (sorry to leave it on your blog!) were you at that orphanage in mozambique where we all played games with the orphans outside? there was one game that "quebrado" came up with where he had us all jumping up and down in groups and yelling out something like "sou eu!" does this ring a bell for you at all, or were you not part of that? i only ask because i'm trying to come up with fun and EASY games like that since i'm heading to haiti next to work in a few orphanages. i need fun just thought i'd run that by you, since i remember this one being a hit... (i just don't remember what it was exactly!)

if it's not ringing a bell, no problem! hope you are doing well.... your blog is super cute.

~Sarah J