Saturday, May 15, 2010

Four Months Old

This month was somewhat lazy for little Lucy. She already learned the roll last month and didn't seem motivated enough this month to move on to any more complex modes of transportation. She did, however, learn a few skills to make her stationary situation a little more enjoyable. She learned how make her hands obey her will, much to the chagrin of "Mallory the Monkey" and "Olivia the Elephant" who are ferociously attacked every morning. She also learned how to raise the volume of her talking to a surprising level which has to be entertaining since no one is capable of talking over that. On top of all of that, she learned two new smiles, one made of a little tiny "O" with her mouth and the other a great big horizontal line that some have actually called a little "creepy". These are both guaranteed to get prolonged reactions from anyone near. I believe our Lucy is a fast learner: who needs to be mobile when you can bring all the activity right to you?


Lori said...

What a cute little girl! And great photos too.

Paula said...

I love the commentary with the cute pictures..."who needs to be mobile when the action comes to you"...what a fun way to see things. Thanks for keeping us part of your world.

Katie Curtis said...

You are such a great writer. Jen, you seriously need to write a book! Love the pictures and glad my onsie helped out :)