Wednesday, September 15, 2010

8 month world

Back by popular demand (okay, really because her aunt asked) are two clips of 15 minutes in the life of Lucy.
Take #1: In which Lucy gets stuck in the standing position and doesn't know what to do.
Take #2: In which Lucy scares all viewers by getting to0 close to the stairs and showing off mom's sports bra.
Lovely Music is by Mindy Gledhill
Lovely Baby by Mike and Jen
Wardrobe Design by Mike
Filming by Jen


Katie Curtis said...

I want her so bad! Three days is too long to go in between visits! The videos are such a great addition and it looks like Lucy got some new clothes!

paula's post-its said...

I cannot get enough...
These videos are just too cute...and that ending smile at the camera! What an entertaining girl. I love it when I check the blog and find there is a video of this girl. Thanks for letting us in on all the fun.