Friday, November 12, 2010


My dad has been asking for pictures of our house and I thought that restoring our internet connection was the missing link but it turns out restored sanity would be even more helpful. Moving is busy and stressful but I think we are finally starting to see the pieces come together. No pictures hang on the walls but I think that has more to do with the mental sanity required to make those kind of decisions than the moving in craziness. Hanging a few pictures on the blog, however, requires far less commitment, so it is there that I will begin. Let me fist say that keeping track of a baby, let alone a camera during the move was stressful enough, so I have no pictures of our busy weekend and no evidence that Mike's parents are the most wonderful people for bringing a U-haul from Utah with some of our stuff being stored there and helping us move. Wonderful I tell you! But here are a few shots from today.
Lucy was pleased I finally let her invite her friend Jack over to see the house.
The kitchen. My mom said she never looks at pictures that don't have people in them. So, mom, Lucy is used as a ploy just to get you to keep reading.
From the kitchen to the family room. I just love Lucy's "this move dulled my senses" face.
From the stair to the living room.
Lucy likes to spy on the neighbors (who just happen to be of the same religion we are) but she isn't very good at ducking when she gets caught staring.
Lucy's room. Nothing fancy yet. Just a fancy baby whose outfit was lovingly picked out by her three year old friend. I say, good tastes girl!

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Katie Curtis said...

love the pictures and i love lucy as a prop, shes perfect!