Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The unmentionable subject

I have promised myself for a long time that evidences of potty training would not be included in this blog. No pictures of cute babies sitting on toilets, no bare bums, no "opps" faces. But here I am, unable to post new entries until my thanksgiving pictures are dealt with, and the cutest picture I have of Lucy is of her sitting on a plastic bag. So there you have it. Thanksgiving and potty training. All in one post. And please note that when a loving yet idealistic grandma comes in to town and says that it will be "fun" to potty train and all it takes are cute panties, don't listen.

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paula's post-its said...

Yes, that grandma was a little too optimistic. But we did have some smiles. Thanks for indulging the good intentions. Maybe next time:)