Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cold and Sunny: Getting Colorado Ready

We LOVE Portland. We got our first jobs here. We met here. We married here. We had our first baby here. We bought our first house here. We have had A LOT of perfect moments here. So when Mike was offered an exciting change with work that would take us to Denver, Colorado, it was not without a lot of heartache that we realized it was the best thing for our little family. We are optimistic about the change but sad to leave. We still have a couple of months to squeeze in visits to all our favorite Portland places, but once the school year is over, we are going to be exploring new territory. (Granted, at 8 months pregnant, probably not a lot of exploring will actually be happening.)


Pugster... said...

Congrats!!! I love Denver!!

paula curtis said...

That little girl is so dang cute...even with upside down sunglasses.
Cold and favorite kind of day.

Tonya said...

I will be sad to see your family move away! And just when we decided to not sell our house:(

Colorado will be lucky to have you.