Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lucy Girl

I hope I never forget this stage.  I hope I never forget prayers that include blessings for her cousin at the doctors as well as the hangers in the closet.  How she thanks Heavenly Father for polka dots.  How she asks how my class was every day when I pick her up.  How she talks nonstop on our drive home from school.  How she responds, "Okay, sure" with the most peppy and sincere of voices to our questions.   How she calls the beach a sandbox and how she thanks me for taking her to see new things.  How she asks "why" all day long.  How she feels so much passion over which cup her milk goes in. How she screams in terror when there is a bug in the car.  How she holds two hands out in front of her, palms toward me, to warn me of something, "Careful not to spill." How excited she is to be a big sister. I hope I never forget any of this.     


paula curtis said...

Beautiful post. Profound really.

Toni Moxley said...

Adorable pictures! And wonderful post!

JJLanier said...

brought me to tears. I hope you never forget. Somehow I think you will not have a hard time remembering with all of the pictures and memories that you take time to record! What a lovely little lady Lucy is becoming!