Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Backyard playground

Everyone warns you that you take fewer pictures of your second child than your first, but for me, I have found that having a stationary subject is a welcome relief from blurry picture after blurry picture of Lucy.  My photography skills apparently don't extend into toddlerhood but I can't miss documenting this stage simply because I'm no good at it. She is growing just as much as Reid - she has reached new levels of independence and bravery that are both terrifying and wonderful. It used to be that she wanted an adult by her side while she played outside but now she is frequently off on her own exploring.  To my horror I have heard the garage door open while upstairs feeding Reid and looked out the window to see Lucy on her tricycle happily riding down the street.  

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Emilee said...

Eli got me a camera with a sport continuous action feature. I often use it on my children to get just one good pic out of twenty. Otherwise, they're all blurry because they just keep moving!