Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Things I didn't know

I didn't know how proud I would be coming up with a good lie... "why yes, this water scented with lavender sprayed on your pillow does indeed make you braver and will scare off the owls (Lucy's particular form of monster) that  bother you."
I didn't know how delightfully refreshing it would be to be around someone who sees the world without preconceived ideas.  Jelly on your celery - of course - we put peanut butter on so why not jelly?!
I didn't know how quickly I would shift from saying, "He only wakes up once a night" to "I can't believe he is still waking up once a night every night."

I didn't know that putting a toddler to bed would look more like tricking them to sit still long enough to close their eyes rather than romantically reading books and cuddling.

I didn't know that babies were so different from each other at just three months (even if they look exactly the same).
Lucy at 4 months

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