Tuesday, March 12, 2013

7 Months + 38 Months

No one will sit still for pictures anymore.  Reid is officially on the move.  He has a lunge scoot thing down that takes him across a room in no time.  And every time I venture to capture Lucy she promptly starts building a fort to thwart my efforts.  I desperately want to remember this busy and fun stage but I don't really have words for it.  Technically, not a lot has changed, Lucy still loves forts, swimming, and museums.  Reid still sails pretty patiently and cheerfully through the day. I still feel lucky when I accomplish something grand like the laundry.  My proudest moments are when my three year old feels the need to remind me that whatever we are playing is "just pretend".  I must be pretty good at this whole world of imaginary play. My phone has a rotating list of phrases Lucy uses that I want to remember: The North Cold instead of the The North Pole.  Head fore instead of Forehead.  The way she tells us to "remember with your imagination" if we ever have to audacity to tell her we don't know something. So, I know I will forget what these times feel like but I hope I remember how much I loved them. 

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