Sunday, May 5, 2013

April Highlights {via iPhone}

The month included:
*dinners that featured ice cream as the main dish (it was just that kind of month)
*Lucy's monumental fit/fear over getting her chin snapped in the helmet buckle + overcoming said fear + a lot of bike rides
*lots of snow and lots of sun
*we bought a really cute house (move in date is the end of May)
*Lucy started and loves preschool
*Reid is going on his 9th tooth
*Lucy learned a new do fireflies start a race? (you will have to ask Lucy the punch line)
*Reid finally learned how to sit back down after pulling himself up
*potty training 6.0 did not take 
*Mike got a new job within Kaiser working closer to operations 


Katie Curtis said...

I love when you post!

Yukiko said...

Reid has more teeth than his older-by-a few-months cousin. Simon only has 7, but I think he's got at least 3 coming in at the same time right now. Reid is a precocious teether.

Cute family!