Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Reid Is One

We celebrated Reid's big birthday in Red River, New Mexico with Mike's family.  It was the perfect setting to turn one in.  He is such a great kid, but I can't believe my baby is gone.  Reid is busy and fast and curious and fun.  He is usually up for all of Lucy's crazy games. He goes with the flow most of the time but when he is set free to pursue his own agenda he has no problems assuming independence. He has been trying to walk for a while now, but when you have a three-year old chasing you regularly, you resort to what is fastest and most dependable.  Whenever Lucy would leave the room he would walk but when she returned he crawled. He is now, however, using his feet as his main mode of transportation. He says dad and doggie and hi. We adore this lovely little guy! 

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