Friday, October 25, 2013


Just a few minutes before leaving for her preschool Halloween party, Lucy informed me that she couldn't be a vetrenarian because people would get confused and think she was a doctor.  I offered to bobby pin little stuffed dogs all over her but she passionately declined.  So we started pulling stuff out of her dress-up box and ended up deciding on a ballerina. She was pretty pleased with the outcome.  When we pulled up and all the girls were wearing fancy princess dressed, I felt so sad that Lucy would be disappointed with her pulled together clothes, but she didn't notice.  One of the things I love about Lucy is she doesn't get too concerned about what others are doing around her. Like on hat day, when I totally forgot to bring her funny hat, and I wrapped streamers I found in the car around her head, she love it. 


carl said...

i love how well groomed lucy & reid always look - seriously, even with all of the craziness - your kids are always clean looking and dressed well! that was one of many talents your mother also had.

Britt Curtis said...

Streamers? haha but seriously, I hope she's able to keep that quality of not caring what others are doing throughout her life!