Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

I almost gave up trying to get these two still enough to take any pictures, but managed a couple shots.  I did however miss their first round of costumes (Lucy has a reputation of changing costumes to uphold) in which they were a witch and a dinosaur.  Maybe we will play dress up and recreate them.  Halloween night was so much fun.  They both had a great time and were so interactive and friendly at each door.  Reid overstayed his welcome on most porches with a dozen "thank yous" and "good byes" until people would hand him more candy to give him some closure and help him move on.  His basket was at least twice as full as Lucy's (he also reached in to a few bowls after being handed candy). 


john said...

nice!!! said...

Wow, the kids are counting the cast of the productive evening! I am glad for your lively little things! They are really cute and deserve millions of candy handfuls :)