Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Today at school I was teaching the difference between lie and lay and to talk about the verb lie I started by defining it as "reclining." However, one my students who always has his head on the desk, lifted his head and said, "You mean, like chill'n." And in all my excitement that he was participating I agreed, "Yes, indeed, like chilling." To which, everyone started laughing. I couldn't figure it out until one of the girls raised her had and between giggles said, "Not chilling - chill'n!" I had no idea I was so uncool. Apparently I have been using chilling erroneously for years. And I kept slipping and saying chilling and each time they burst up. I'm getting old and so uncool!

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Em said...

What? Is chill'n supposed to mean, like, making out or something? I guess I'm pretty "uncool" too....WE ARE OLD! I'll bet your students love you though, bc you are so cute, funny and entertaining!