Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Break

It is spring break this week and I have a delightful chance to just do a little bit of nothing. When I get a break from work I am usually filling it with travel but this week was dedicated to reading, working out, and trying out some new hobbies: gardening and scrapbooking. As far as the gardening goes, it was limited to four large pots so I got that "hobby" out of the way quickly. And the verdit on gardening - not favorable. I thought a 'try and see' attitude would work with this new hobby but with my lack of knowledge I am living in constant fear that my plants will die any minute. I can't even bare to look out the window in the morning for fear I have failed them. And the verdit on scrapbooking - highly favorable. I loved looking at all the supplies they have for this and had a good time puting together some creations. The down side is all the mockery. Katie, my sister, wouldn't let up on the stereotype that scrapbooking seems to create. But alas, I still enjoyed it. I only dented our large stack of pictures but here are some of my attempts.


J&JLanier said...

Your scrapbook looks beautiful! I'm working on our 'Family Yearbook' for 2007. Digital scrapbooking is the best- especially with two kids running around.

Em said...

Darling scrapbk. pages. I just CAN'T seem to get into scrapbooking, even though I know I NEED to!! I have pix from my wedding still (3yrs ago) that are just sitting in a big plastic tub, waiting to be scrapbooked!!! Thanks for the motivation!!!

Janet Wecker said...

Don't let folks deflate your scrapbooking enthusiasm. Your pages look great. I'm sure your plants will live too!