Thursday, November 20, 2008

I love scarves

The air officially holds the traces of my breath in its grips now.  I let out an involuntary sad sigh this morning when I opened the door and saw my breath.  I need to fall in like with the cold again.  So here is my love list for the cold: 
1. scarves
2. hot chocolate
3. the delicious feeling you get when the air in the car finally turns to warm   
4. how wearing sweaters looks so cute in pictures
5.  pulling the covers up tight at night
6. modest students at school
7. the festive feeling of holidays
8. cuddling with more intensity


::Jessica:: said...

Hi Jen!

Britt Curtis said...

HAHA! That last one was a little scandalous, but everything else - I feel ya! :) Can't wait to see all the cute pics with socks. ;)
Love you!

em said...

modest students...that' funny, and sadly true!
I love the hot chocolate this time of year even though I REALLy don't need it! ;)