Saturday, November 8, 2008

Simple Saturdays

I love simple Saturdays.  We sleep in, we go to the gym, we walk to the grocery store, we read, one of us watches football even those this person said before we got married that he/she didn't watch sports on t.v. and the other puts in earphones and does nothing in a way that feels productive, we make dinner together, and we watch a movie.  

This guy loves when BYU wins or when any other team that might influence BYU's ranking loses. 

Playing on the computer, reading, not grading papers, magazines - a girl could get used to a lazy life like this. 

Mike keeps razzing me about taking so many pictures of leaves but I keep saying that I guess we need kids so I have a new subject.  Somehow we have concluded that that probably isn't sufficiently logical to actually produce children for the sake of photography subjects.  


Britt Curtis said...

The new subject for pictures sounds like a good enough reason for me!! ;) I love that pic of Mike smiling - it's so cute! :)

JJLanier said...

Once the kids come your Simple Saturdays will be VERY different! They definitely make for a LOT of good pictures.

heidizinha said...

i don't know man, kids are dang cute subjects. the best subjects, in fact.

April said...

I guess someone should have warned Mike about your football obsession. I remember when we lived together it seemed like we could never get you to turn your eyes away from the big game :)