Sunday, November 15, 2009

Baby Shower

Pink marks the spot
Katie's pinked living room
Onesies and burbclothes to decorate
Owl "piggy" bank to be filled with advice

Decorating onesies before the paty starts
Katie did a beautiful job putting on my baby shower! The house looked perfect and we had a nice turnout.


Savannah said...

I'm glad to hear the shower went well! I'm so sad I couldn't come! Everything looks so cute and classy!

crazy family of 6 said...

How cute! when are you due? DO you have a name picked out?

Emilee Newman Bowles said...

It was a very cute shower, and how nice to get to spend time with your sisters and mom. I have three sisters too and am looking forward even more to seeing them all next month after seeing you with your family.

The Gomezion's said...

Oh wow it looked like such a cute and fun shower. I'm so sorry I missed it! :( But I'm so glad your mom and sisters all got to be there.

Katelyn said...

sister wecker, youre so cute! :) its good to keep seeing you around school. wish i was in your class!!