Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fabulous Surprise

Friday night, when Mike and I got back from a night of sushi (pregnant-friendly cooked ones for me, of course), I obeyed my exhausted body's demands and flopped on the couch to take an 7:00 nap. Just as Mike started making fun of me for falling asleep so early, Katie knocked on the door. I roused myself and as we were talking someone else knocked on the door. Megan, from Utah was on our doorstep! We all sat around talking when someone else knocked. Brittany from BYU! It was so good to see those girls, but not quit perfect until the fourth knock when I found my mom, all the way from China, on my doorstep! It was so much fun to see them and we had a delightfully fun weekend. They were there for my baby shower and we were able to squeeze in lots of girl talk!


Nicole said...

That is a great surprise. Can they convince my mom to do the same for me when my baby is born?

Jason said...

We would love to send a gift. What is your address?