Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back to Work

It is true. My brief time on maternity leave was up last Friday and I headed back to high school. It feels good to be surrounded by people and to use my problem solving skills on high gear, but I sure do miss seeing "the Lucy" all day long. It was some much less painful because my sister watched her all week and Lucy loves Katie! I mean, really adores that aunt of hers. Lucy is one lucky girl; she will be surrounded by grandmas and her dad until I am done with the school year in June. P.S. please don't judge the post-maternity weight, it was really hard to post pictures of myself!


Emilee said...

I think you look beautiful and happy with your sweet little girl.

It's so nice that you have family to watch Lucy while you're at work. I bet it's nice to use a little more of your brain again. I'm impressed--when Ivy was three months I felt like my brain was still only at about 10% capacity.

Savannah said...

I'm so glad Katie is there to watch Lucy for you! That would be so hard to leave her with some stranger!! Glad to hear your time back is going good so far!

heidizinha said...

You look AMAZING. Seriously, radiant.

The weight doesn't stay forever...but the babies do. So worth it.