Monday, October 25, 2010


I was a tad timid about welcoming my 29th year. I have even been swallowing every bite of october pumpkin, my favorite, with a little bit of dread knowing fall foods mean fall aging. It is not so much getting older as it is watching a year pass and feeling like I had some goals left unaccomplished this past year. But the day came and it couldn't have been more lovely and rejuvenating. My dear Mike spent an entire day reminding me of how dreamy my life really is.
My first present was a new camera lens and this is the first shot I took. Lucy loved all the birthday boxes and wrappings.
For the birthday eve, Mike and Katie planned a lovely surprise dinner with dear friends...
And their cute babies!
On birthday morning Mike and I went to a seminar by family therapists on raising confident kids using play. Then we got to come and practice with our favorite girl ever. We introduced the joys of carmel apples and big pumpkins.

Nate (Mike's brother) and Kelly joined us on our apple/pumpkin outing. Aren't they a lovely pair. Lucy adores them both!

Then we went to The London Grill for dinner in the historic Benson Hotel. Dinner was delicious, especially the Banana Foster, but the best part was our surprise stay in the hotel for a night. Mike had packed our bags and Nate and Kelly were secretly waiting at our house to stay with Lucy.
A perfect birthday.

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