Friday, October 15, 2010

Not a Boy

It is true that I took Lucy out in green. And grey. And that her bow fell out. Darn karo syrup. And that the patch of karo syrup looked a little like gelled hair. But comments on my "cute little guy" all day were not favorite. So, next time Katie and I spontaneously decide we need to satisfy cider cravings there will be no spontaneity about it. We will march right back home and get dolled up in ribbons and bows.

P.S. The photo of Lucy and the horses is her new and ever so adored scrunched face that says, "I am so excited I can barely stand it."


[Jessica] said...

she is such a doll! is miss you guys!

carl said...

my my, what beautiful women I am surround by - Love the pics of lucy & katie. a great new face of "excitement". love the apple throw shot - thank you so much for keeping the blog up to date l
ove grandpa

Yukiko said...

This makes me laugh! When Akiko was a tiny baby, she had a light blue dress. It was frilly and adorned with flowers and bows. People commented on my cute little "boy" anytime she wore that dress. It drove me crazy!

Nicole said...

It seems that when Elijah was a baby everyone thought he was a girl and now people think Lily is a boy - even when dressed in pink.