Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Festivities or Why Babies Need Their Dads

With our first batch of Christmas goodies behind us, I believe the holiday season is officially underway in our household. According to Lucy, it was a success.

On that note, this is what I heard coming from the sink area while putting some plates in the freezer, "Lucy, your chocolate lipstick looks so good." It reminded me of an article I read before Lucy was born about babies and their dads. Sure Mike and Lucy sometimes get a little rowdy and loud and dirty and break some hard-won patterns, but that is exactly what Lucy needs. I am always running around with a paper towel to keep her clean and carrying her in full upright position but I do believe this girl needs to get a little chocolate on her clothes while hanging upside down and clinging to her dad. Not to say that said dad is not also the one giving her a bath afterward, he is great about the practical as well.


Lori said...

What a cute little smile! Love those two teeth.

Emilee said...

I completely agree. When I watch Eli and Ivy together, I know I could never get that silly and crazy with her and she absolutely loves it.

Michael, April, & Jenna said...

Jennifer--this is April--I am trying to get a hold of Katie's current address so I can send her a christmas card. I left a comment on her blog but I don't know if she will see it. Could you let her know? my Thanks!