Sunday, January 2, 2011

Curtis' California Christmas

My aunt put together a lovely long weekend full of charming accommodations and fun activities for all of the relatives on my dad's side of the family.
We all stayed on the Queen Mary, which incidentally is the same ship that Mike's grandpa came home from WWII on.
This was Lucy's first time meeting her great-grandma Curtis, from whom she got her name.
Lucy also got to meet second cousins,
her great aunty Kay,
And great grandpa Curtis
It was fun to see everyone, but it was also a treat to hang out with the girls a bit.
Lucy was still not at the top of her game for this vacation but she did enjoy the horses and eating with her fingers during Medieval Times.
She did not like the ghosts and legends tour we took on the boat and yet touching sharks didn't scare her.
The whale watching tour was a little hit and miss. Lucy liked the water for the first hour but by the end we were all reeling with nausea. And yet the two of them are so cute together I can't help but post two pictures.
In the airport, Megan plays on Lucy's new found love of stuffed animals by testing how many she can hold to her chest at once.
It was a fun little trip and, barring the fact that either little miss Lucy or an unfortunate choice of food made me sick, will hold a lot of memories.

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