Saturday, January 15, 2011

My One Year Old - What I Know For Certain

Like meeting anyone, it is tricky to try and understand the intricacies and complexities of a person. This year I have had the luck of meeting and getting to know this cute little lady. But even after endless hours together, laughing and crying, eating and chilling, talking and watching, playing and sleeping, I'm still not sure I can perfectly sift through what is Lucyness, what is babyness and what is mom projectingness. Nevertheless, here is an attempt to share what I'm pretty sure I know for certain about The Lucy Girl.
She feels more confident and comfortable surrounded by other people. When isolated, her range of exploration shrinks to the few books or toys in front of her, but when others are around she moves freely about and seeks new stimuli. Along the same lines, she doesn't like to miss out on things. She will move to the center of any activity and rotate from person to person to stay involved. She has no signs of shyness and thrives in the spotlight. She likes physical touch but not if it feels confining. She likes her independence and while incredibly easy going and willing to try to new things, she knows what it is she likes and what she doesn't like. And if she doesn't like it she will politely but stubbornly refuse.
She is playful. Rarely does she fall into a serious contemplative mood, although it does happen. If she finds a way to make someone laugh she will keep that trick guarded in her repertoire. She is starting to manipulate those experiences on purpose, revealing a Lucy that is really quite funny. She has an easy smile. She is frequently so pleased with life that she will smile so hard she has to squint in order to keep her face unsquished.
And some fun facts about Lucy:
* She has six teeth (two of which my dear sister claims are bucked but I have a dentist neighbor willing to testify otherwise)
* She is walking
* She is pleased with me but she adores her dad (but seriously, who wouldn't, he's great)
*She is a text book babe (every single thing, since the day we conceived, that baby center says might happen this week, happens - they say she might start teething-she does, the say she might roll over-she does - always the exact same week, I kid you not)
* She snores and rolls all over during her sleep
* She still can't find her nose
*She can sign for "more" and "all done" and "milk" and "cat" and can say "this" and "hi" and "dad" and "mama" and "uh oh"
*she won't keep socks on (and shoes - forget about it)
*tired = grumpy
What a fun year getting to know this amazing girl!


Janet said...

I love the way you put words together. Lucy is great, but you and Mike are terrific!!

Katie Curtis said...

You captured Lucyness perfectly! Love the post! Were none of the Por que no pictures cute enough to post :)

The Gomezion's said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! We miss having you so close. And what an amazing an eloquent mom you have :)

paula's post-its said...

Oh my what a beautiful capture of a year. I cried, I laughed. Thanks for sharing a cute Lucy through brilliant writing and captivating pictures.

Kaydi Paxman said...

I love the pics! She's too cute. Happy birthday to Lucy!