Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dad and Megan Visit

It looks a little like Lucy and I sitting, staring at each other, twiddling our tumbs compared to all the fun she had with first Grandpa and Grandma Wecker and then Grandpa Curtis and Aunt Megan visiting!
My dad introduced us to the joys of electronic toys. I had a previous philosophy that toys shouldn't need batteries...but I take it all back. The little fish swims around the tub and I think I love it more than Lucy!
I wish I had a picture, but on the first night my dad got here he was still jet-lagged from Malaysia and instead of watching t.v. in the middle of the night he took his blanket and curled up on the floor of Lucy's room to watch her sleep. When I went to check on her in the morning I found them both sound asleep. So much for buying a house with a guest room!
Can you see the bear in the top of the tree? Don't worry if you can't, Lucy didn't catch on either.
Thanks to Megan prolific doting, Lucy has now forgotten how to walk and wants to be held all the time.
Lucy makes the bear noise. We love her animal sounds.

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