Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fashion Missteps

My dear cute sister, after visiting for the weekend, finally got up the courage to ask why, when I have a closet full of cute kids clothing and darling hair clips, does Lucy always look a little mismatched and hooligany on my blog. Oh Megan! All I can say is just wait and you will understand. I, too, used to feel bad for moms with disheveled kids. . .
But I didn't realize that a courageous kid means crazy hair

And that husbands sometimes don't realize that pink and red don't really match
And fat baby feet means you wear Crocs every day if it means survival
And some children can find a dirt pile entertaining when nothing else will do
And teaching autonomy means mysterious dribbles down shirts
And adventure happen spontaneously with a kid, even if they are in their pjs already
And the cuter you do their hair at the start of the day, the more kinks from missing rubberbands at the end of the day
And strawberries really do taste better when devoured
And raindancing means wet pants
And finally, sometimes looking like daddy means sacrificing style.

These are the things you too will learn and, I'm afraid, love when you have one too...


Julie said...

Hair clips?! Ahh! What I wouldn't give to be able to use hair clips at such a young age, and when you're as cute as Lucy, you don't need to be a fashionista to be DARLING! That little girl is just about as cute as they come.

Emilee said...

Love it! My sis-in-law doesn't understand why Ivy's hair is always disheveled. If you rolled around on the floor and put everything on your head, your hair would be messy too. I call keeping her hair out of her eyes and mouth a good day, no matter how it looks.

Megan and Jesse said...

Love, love, LOVE it! Thank you for posting this. I'm sure I really will understand some day. :)

JJLanier said...

So cute!! Just wait until she starts to dress herself! My girls come up with some interesting combinations!

Tonya said...

This was precious to read! Lucy is a little cutie no matter how disheveled she appears. I actually think the mismatched, bed head look is quite cute!