Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lucy's Lexicon

Lucy's language is taking off but I wanted to jot down a few of her favorite words before time slips away and she is quoting Shakespeare.
whatisthis: What is this?
baw: ball
ow ew: I love you
I do it.
no: No!
dow: Put that down so I can do it myself
baaaabyyyyy: baby
mow: more
p: please
daddy: dad come play with me
mom: mom I need something
elp: help me by picking me up and toting me around
out: lets go outside
eyes, nose: I'm about to poke you really hard in your eyes and nose
uh oh: I just threw food on the floor and mom is not going to like it
and my all time favorite...Nigh nigh: Night night or I might look really innocent and sweet and tired right now but I am about to cry for 10 minutes
and I can't leave out hi and this which she has been saying since she came out of the womb
She can repeat a lot words as well. Most one syllable words she can say back. Counting sounds pretty good. She can say names and roles of some family members when prompted.
Animal sounds she is ready for the stage with: the roar of the big cats, smacking of lips for fish, sheep, cow, sticking out the tongue of the giraffe, duck, bird, snake, the elephant is hit or miss, anddespite a lot of good efforts the llama sounds is still weak.

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