Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our Week

I have felt kind of bad that I don't have many videos of Lucy, so this week I took at least one a day. I think it captures pretty well what our lives look like these days. We have this precious amount of time between one and four everyday when we try to get out and do something fun. In the mornings Lucy and I go to high school, I'm teaching one class and she stays at their Tiny Tigers child care program. And the rest of the day is filled with naps and working out and chores, so we really love these three hours of fun every day.


paula's post-its said...

Thanks so much for the smiles. The videos are just too cute. You do a great job keeping us connected with Lucy. Thanks for that.

Katie Curtis said...

That video is my favorite!!! You have to do that more often! And you have to give me a nephew as cute as Lucy :)

Abra said...

Cutest girl on the planet! Katie and I will take a milllllion pictures while your gone, you won't miss a thing!