Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The other day I was on the phone with Megan and she mentioned that she was calling from Panguitch, where my grandma lives. I felt immediate pangs of jealousy. Then when my grandma called and mentioned seeing Lucy on the blog I thought I could do better than just posting pictures of Lucy, I would bring the actual girl to my grandma. Which was really just an excuse for me to spend some needed time with her myself. So, I booked a ticket and was on the plane in a matter of days. Then, when I mentioned my trip to the sisters, they all cleared up their schedules and met us there as well. It was a perfect weekend.
Lucy loved spending time on the swing with grandma. Grandma couldn't escape having Lucy by her side/shins most of the weekend.
My dear sister bought Lucy a pop-up bug book to either address her fear of worms for the purpose of overcoming it or, more likely, to torment her. It worked. Lucy was horrified and scared with every turn of the page.
Meeting her newest cousin

Testing the peanut butter fudge used to be my job.

Lucy loved both fudge making and fudge tasting.

The next photos look posed but it really is like this, they fight over who gets to hang out with Lucy. Except when the diaper stinks!

Riding in the pickup.
My mom wore this dress when she was a kid and when we found it in the doll box we just had to try it on and Lucy did't want to take it off.

She adopted the neighbor's dog and couldn't get enough.

Megan teaching Lucy how to truly relax.
Lucy's first My Little Pony to help on the ride home. She was into it for about 90 seconds before she was on to the next activity.


Tonya said...

I love that you had the thought to go and see your Grandma and then did it. You're awesome!

paula's post-its said...

Oh how cute!!!
Thanks for giving me a taste of all I missed this week-end.
Ok---I am the original peanut butter fudge tester....just ask any of my siblings....it was hard when the tester status passed to you....so I know how if feels to have to give that up....
And....the dress!!!! How darling Lucy looks. I can tell what my next blog will be....Lucy and I side by side in the blue and white dress. I absolutely love the picture of her in the dress. I didn't even know that dress was still around.

vaxhacker said...

Very cute. It's great you could get your grandma to meet Lucy on the spur of the moment like that.

I am also amused that Utah has a town called Panguitch.