Sunday, July 3, 2011


I'm not sure a post without mention of Lucy will even upload so I better start by giving a nod to our cute babe and all the wonderful people who made it possible to create a post that doesn't contain Lucy! Lucy was in such brilliant hands that Mike and I were able to enjoy our week without a single worry, not to mention the fact that she got some quality play-dates. Hawaii kind of speaks for itself so I won't narrate each picture, but it should be said that we had a lovely time both exploring and relaxing. We are so grateful to Mike's parents for such a thoughtful tribute to Mike's hard word finishing his MBA while both working and starting a family. He did a brilliant job of it and this was a perfect way to celebrate. Thank you!


Emily Alder said...

We've been to the Kona temple too. I would love to hear about your impressions.

Britt Curtis said...

Mike - nice aviators! So glad you guys got to go. Can't wait to hear more stories in person, Jen!