Friday, November 11, 2011

Cute Friends

I am so lucky that some of the coolest people I know happen to come with really cool babies too! And they call my own baby things like "plucky", which makes me day. Plucky: marked by courage, spirit, and determination in the face of difficulties or danger. Today we had a fun day looking for the best leaves, eating snacks, reading books, and enjoying a dance party.

Warning: Do not watch video clip if you are one of those people that can't focus on anything but the urge to pull up a kids' sagging pants when you see it.


Kelly and Nate said...

So I have to tell you, as soon as Scout heard Lucy's laugh she immediately perked up and started looking around... I think its a sign :)

Ambam & Pants said...

That video is awesome! I'm sad I missed it. Thanks again. I see kindred-spiritship in their future!(and if not I'm going to force it on them)

Katie Curtis said...

How cute are they?!Lucy is so lucky to have good friends!