Sunday, November 20, 2011

Urban versus Suburban Walking

Lucy and I go for a lot of walks these days. They are slow and filled with finding sticks and listening for noises. Gone are the days when walking was a form of exercise, but we love them. Luckily Lucy's favorite stand-in siblings (these three are so cute with Lucy, they take care of her and tease her and teach her and are just the perfect equivalent of dreamy siblings) like to explore on downtown treks so we get out of our neighborhood walking rut. Downtown is fun because there is always new noises and spontaneous parks and delicious food to be had.

And then there are mornings when Lucy wakes up asking for a walk and we don't even bother getting out of our pajamas, figuring that enough layers will cover up our grave fashion faux pa. The suburbs are fun because it is quiet and the leaves are uncrunched and people let you pet their dogs.

This is what we came home with this morning. We have been in a decorating mood lately and all that was missing was a little craftyness from Lucy.

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Kelly and Nate said...

I love the frames! Just the right thing for that wall :)