Sunday, January 29, 2012


When I first started to get to know Lucy's personality I realized that she was going have a busy mind. She is just made of the stuff that keeps a person on their toes and perhaps a little intense. And even when she was tiny I would plot ways to introduce her to yoga, which was such a help to me during some high intensity times in my own life. She has been doing downward dog for probably close to a year and recently started adding new poses at home. But we stepped it up this month and signed up for some classes. Her most adorable friend Eliza is taking the classes as well and the two of them are funny together. They are smart and you can tell they listen to the teacher and must be aware of others but they are also bouncing on each other's mats and giggling when they "should" be still. They would be acting silly and then spontaneously strike their poses. It was cute to see that they really did get it and enjoyed the process too. It provided a pretty clear picture of her future educational experiences. Social but engaged. Lighthearted but dedicated.


Britt Curtis said...

Isn't it amazing how much you can know about a child when they're just two years old?

paula's post-its said...

How beautifully you described that darling girl.
Wish I were there to smile at her antics. Thanks for the pictures to enjoy in all vicariously.